What Motivates These Superstar Entrepreneurs?

Looking at the most successful people in business, it sometimes seems like they must have superpowers that enable them to outperform everyone else. The fact is, the biggest entrepreneurs are regular humans who have made the most of their situation and found an insatiable drive to succeed. If you’re trying to light a fire under yourself and find your own motivation, here are some things that have worked for others.

“Every Day Brings New Opportunities.”

Dozens of global icons have used this mantra to help themselves make the most of each hour. Alberto Daccarett Armijo, who co-founded VocaBoca, says the “today is the day” philosophy helped him move on from all the other days when things didn’t pan out. Studio Pepwuper founder Brandon Wu would aim to do one exciting activity every day, thereby breaking away from monotonous tasks and making each 24-hour cycle useful and significant. When you believe that goals can be reached each day of the week, you’ll end up achieving so much more.

“Eyes on the Prize.”

That’s what Trinity Digital Marketing founder Mike Calloway thinks to himself when striving for excellence. Calloway acknowledges that nothing great was ever accomplished without hard work and determination, so why should his operation be any different? If you’re undertaking a business venture with the hopes of getting rich in a hurry, that’s not sustainable motivation. Chris Rovin heads up WeSearch Foundation, and he stresses the importance of focusing on why you do what you do. You’ll have greater chances for success if you actually take pride in the work and don’t mind waiting to see results.

“You’re in Charge.”

There will be times when you work for 20 hours straight and still feel like you didn’t get everything done. However, the alternative to that is clocking in at nine, out at five and working for someone else. Bisera Urdarevik started Lush Gourmet Foods at a young age, and while the work was hard and at times overwhelming, she talks about being motivated by the desire to show people that she could thrive alongside the other established entrepreneurs. Kaye Publicity owner Dana Kaye has the same drive; she doesn’t have to answer to employers and all her efforts go toward a brand and business that she controls.

If you feel like you don’t have what it takes to join the ranks of the great entrepreneurs, it might just be that you haven’t found the right motivation. Get a motto that inspires you every day and start tackling your goals.


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