How to Build an All-Star Business Team

Getting employees to work in harmony in a team takes work. When you bring people together from different backgrounds, there’s always going to be different perspectives on the way a task should be accomplished. When different personalities clash, conflicts could arise that would hamper the completion of a project. While there’s no manual that could perfectly solve every problem in the workplace, some common sense and planning can go a long way in creating a hard-working and efficient group of business teams.

When forming business teams, the planning factor is very important. If you randomly select various workers from different departments without thinking through the process, you’re setting the company up for disappointing results. Allow your company enough time to find the right people for a project. Determine the different components of the project this team will be handling. If there is an accounting component, make sure there is a team member with appropriate business experience. If the project requires lengthy reports, find an employee that has writing experience.

When you’ve covered all of the bases of your team’s responsibilities, it’s important to gather the team together for an activity before its members embark on a company project. Team building activities are important because they help to establish trust between each individual team member. Having a luncheon followed by activities to help each member get to know each other is beneficial. When the group begins a project, individual members won’t feel as if they’ve entered a room full of complete strangers. As the project moves forward, it’s a good idea to continue team activities to keep morale high. During the past few years, it has become popular to incorporate team building activities and charitable events.

If the team is going to be successful, communication is always key. Each team member brings insight and ideas to the table, but this information is useless if it is never expressed. Explain the value of individual ideas and let each team member know that no small idea is insignificant. If the employees feel comfortable expressing their ideas, the project will benefit from their knowledge.

It’s a good idea for the team to brainstorm on a set of rules that will govern behavior during meeting times. Having a set of rules about ethics and behavior in place before the project begins could prevent some arguments and conflicts from reaching the surface.

With some planning and thoughtfulness, establishing business teams that will tackle a variety of company issues and establish lasting results is attainable. With the success of one team project comes the possibility of more successful projects for the team in the future.


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